Welcome to WetDog Wellness Center!

Wet Dog Wellness Center is one of the most trusted, experienced, and sought out bodywork and fitness trainers in the Pacific Northwest. 


What We Do

Canine Fitness Coaching:

We are here to help you prevent injuries and increase performance in your canine partner through strength training and proprioception, all while having fun.

Canine Massage Therapy:

We provide a combination of stretching, range of motion, myofascial release and trigger point work to help maintain muscles health and give them what they need to be functionally optimal.

Green Acres:

Sheep rental, Open Field rental, Wooded trail rental, Fresh organic eggs.

Green Acres





Why You’ll Love Us

From Massage Therapy for you and your canine partner, to canine fitness, and more! Maddy is here to help you keep your pet or performance dog in the best shape possible! 

Upcoming Events

  • EO Practice April 23-25 2020 WI
  • World Team Tryouts May 1-4th 2020 MI
  • World Team Practice June 2020 PA
  • World Team Practice August 2020 TBA
  • European Open July 2020 England
  • Agility World Championships Sept 2020 Estonia

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